Letters… Color… Memory

We are not all about the boozin’ around town… we also like to run with the psuedo-intellectual set. Just to prove it, here’s a treat for the old noggin’.

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” Many people see words as colours, smells or sounds, and they swear it boosts their creativity. So could we all tweak our senses to see the world in this way?…Last year, a study of 11 synaesthetes discovered that the particular colours they associated with letters were ‘startlingly similar’ to those of a very famous Fisher Price fridge magnet
alphabet set sold between 1972 and 1989. Ten of the test subjects recalled owning the set, and the 11th beat odds of a billion to one in matching 14 of their colour associations with the fridge magnets. So while these people may have been predisposed to synaesthesia via their genetics, how it manifested may well have been learned in childhood.”

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R is for Red Prime

photo 1 (3)Red is a primary color. I don’t know if that had anything to do with the naming of this fabulous steak joint but I think we’ve found ourselves a post-alphabetical adventure hangout.

Happy hour appetizer specials and seasonal cocktails at Red Prime go on until 7pm and wasn’t it swell.  Ample after 6pm parking across the street didn’t hurt either (but watch for metermaids just incase).

504 N Broadway (Automobile Alley)

Q is for Queen of Sheba

For those of you questioning where we’d go for Q, quiet those nerves cause we found a real gem at the Queen of Sheba.


photo (42)


Oh, wait, you’ve never been there? Well, muppets, find a reason to go as we’d been looking forward to this one for a while. Recognized by Today Oklahoma as #5 on their list of Oklahoma Food Destinations, we explored Ethiopian delights that are out of this world.

Come for honey wine, comfort food and more at… 

2308 N MacArthur Blvd

P is for Packards

Look, poodles!  We made it all the way to the letter P!  
photo 1 (1)To celebrate this mild achievement in alphabetism, tried to recline and watch the sun go
down on the rooftop of Packard’s with one of their signature Pack Mules (their spin on the Moscow Mule).
Yes, I know what you’re thinking… you’ve heard or experienced below par service here. However, we gave it a go as word is they have recently revamped restaurant  management.
I’m sorry to report Packard’s was still a real POOP show. The bread and the Pack Mules were tasty but our resident culinary expert issued failing marks to their poor choice of kale variety in their Ceasar salad. They also seemed to be out of every single beer we tried to order.
photo 2 (1)We also got various excuses why we couldn’t visit the the patio. The manager said the bartender had failed to show but we were welcome to order at the bar and take our drinks up before or after dinner. Our waitress  was accommodating until we attempted to take post-dinner and post-tab drinks upstairs…faining an excuse that the patio was closed due to weather. Sure it was… ’cause 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky are poor conditions to subject your guests too.
If you find yourself in the 10th street ‘hood and tempted, learn from our mistake. PACK it in and journey up the block to the newest branch of the Garage to curb your appetites.
201 NW S 10th Street (near midtown)
OKC, OK 73103

O is for Other Room

photo (41)

Spring has sprung and ain’t it grand. We gathered to celebrate the new season at not this… not that… but the Other Room located next door to Picasso’s in the beautiful Paseo district. The Other Room offers a dark cave-like atmosphere for all you bears just stirring from Winter’s social hibernation (seriously people… bring a flashlight). Craft cocktails and an outdoor patio also await.

3007 Paseo (in the historic Paseo District)
Oklahoma CIty, OK 
Prefer to do something “other” with your Thursday nights? The only valid excuses we’ll accept here are ladies tennis competition, Eastering abroad with the Pope and running for Governor. We hope see you next time as “P” is for Packard’s rooftop patio on May Day – and somebody better bring a dang pole.